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Ventedoy Directory:


Ventedoy is a unique directory that place website based on how much money the site owner paid. Directly quoting from Ventedoy:

How It Works

10 sites that pay the highest price will be listed on the front page with the highest price will be at the top. You can see the value of each link on the red badge. Each site will be in their own category and even though your site is not display at the top of main page, you still have a chance to be at the top if you pay the highest price for any category. Only 10 sites will be listed on each page for a better search engine spider.

All listing are permanent and if you don’t mind where is the position of your site listed, you just submit your site for $5.00 and have a good sleep knowing that you’d acquire another good back link for a cheap price. But if you want more exposure and traffic, make sure that your site is always be on the front page by purchase any top 10 highest price. If someone outbid you from the top position, you have a chance to regain it back by repurchase a listing for the same site but you only have to pay for a different of price between your site and the highest bidder. Let say, you have purchased a listing of $10.00 and another person outbid you by purchase a listing of $11.00, you can regain it back by purchase a $2.00 price where it will be top up to your original purchase and make you the highest bidder. If price is same, latest link will be display at the top.

- Building from the inspiration of million dollar page, it proves to be a great idea and provide good exposure to site owner that willing to pay more to get a better listing.

- It has been there for almost 2+ years and has a Google Page Rank of 5, which is considered pretty good.

WebsPassage Directory:

Webpassage Web Directory
WebsPassage is a human-edited general directory. The submission is quick and easy. It only costs $2 for a year listing, and $10 for a featured listing. Most of the internal pages URL has page-ranked assign, which shows that this directory is strongly favored by the search engine. And, I would also need to compliment the great job of their editors, that strive to maintain the relevancy and quality of the submitted website. WebsPassage is a great, well-managed directory. With the high-PR internal page links, there are no reason you shouldn’t submit your website there.


Webxperience Web Directory

Webxperience web directory has been there for almost two years now. They were and still are building their directory (more like a quality internet library because they have rejected aprox. 65.000 websites up until now) on the hardest submission policies possible.

In the past, they had created some submission guidelines. Now they have recently updated their previous one in order to keep up with their increasing standard. Webmasters are advised to read the new submission guidelines so that you can learn out why your website was rejected, and what are the best ways to get accepted in the directory.

Webxperience Internet directory is based on the FocalMedia directory platform, is built in PERL, uses MySQL and they have plans in the future to develop a custom directory, in which editors can join and edit their own category.

Webotopia Web Directory:

Webtopia Web Directory Webotopia Web Directory provides a business directory designed to promote companies, products and services whilst helping it’s users find the information they need.

Webotopia business directory, with the help of it’s dedicated support specialists and reviewers, enables delivery of fast review deadlines, excellent customer support as well as value added services such as content publishing and press releases for it’s users.
Webtobia currently has over 1733 listings / companies in 300 business categories.

Octopedia Web Directory:

Octopedia Web DirectoryWith innovative keyword-based browsing and more Octopedia Web Directory has been serving the web for a long time. Their directory has been designed to provide features that don’t exist in other directories, providing searchers and webmasters with a better web directory resource.

Features for Searchers

- Octopedia has their unique system of keyword highlighting which makes browsing easier.

- Their directory is completely hand-edited which enhances the quality of selections.

- Octopedia Web directory provides thumbnails of featured websites.

Webmaster Benefits

- They provide support for custom links to maximize the benefits for websites in their directory.

- Octopedia provide searchers with direct links to up to 8 areas of their website.

Web Directory Bidding:

Bidding Web Directory
Bidding Web Directory is an easy way to bid on links. Their link directory displays links alphabetically, and lets you bid your way to the top of the list. With a starting bid of $50.00, you are guaranteed a spot in our directory after a full editorial review. You may Increase your bid to take a top position, and not only will your link list higher in the directory, but you could join our Top 10 Link Leaders on the homepage.

They lists their links alphabetically in order of highest bid. Bids can be purchased for a link at any time, by anybody, and all bids are counted toward a link’s total bid. The top 10 bidding links are displayed prominently on the home page, and if the administrator has chosen to enable the Link Leader, the highest bidding link will be displayed on every page.

Adding a link to Bidding web directory is very easy. Just buy a review (refundable) and if all of their Bidding Web Directory requirements are met, your bid of at least $50.00 will coincide with your newly activated website.

Once listed, your link is displayed permanently. As time passes you can increase your bid to keep your link at the top of the listings.

Premium Web Directory:

Directory Journal
Directory Journal has the Internet’s finest collection of authentic and authoritative general directory listings, articles, current events and blogs. Since its inception, the Directory Journal has offered visitors a powerful network of quality websites and directories. Their policy is to provide quality resources to the community.

The Directory Journal offers:

– Verified and premium listings in over 11,000 categories
– Constant additions of quality sites to stay a leader in an ever-changing online environment
– Website reviews by experts in their respective fields
– Substantial and researched articles and internet guides on a broad range of widely searched topics
– News and balanced discussion of current events
– Informative blogs related to current trends and news items

Blaze Web Directory:

Blaze Web Directory
Blaze Web Directory is a strong human edited web directory that is focused at providing a valuable resource for top quality listings to heavily benefit web site owners and provide a convenient resource for submitters looking for the beneficial method of web site promotion. They are built on the established, trusted, and highly promoted Blaze web site, offering permanent, high PR backlinks for listed sites. The directory is based on a bidding system that provides submitters complete control over listing placement in the resource. Bidding is quick, easy, and affordable for a permanent, high quality link.

Currently they are using a a new concept of ranking listings by bid amount, rather than traffic, alphabetical order, submission date, or Google PageRank. This approach offers more control and better promotion for web directory owners.

Blaze Web Directory also helps by promoting the HTML link for all listings, making it available publicly for visitors to use the text links and help increase the rankings of your website. Deep linking to specific pages or sub-domains is also possible with this particular directory.

Lunar Directory:

Lunar Web Directory

Lunar Directory is a quality web directory that provides comprehensive, factual information on thousands of Internet Resources Web Links.

Every business within the authority directory are manually reviewed and edited by their editorial team to ensure that they provide the highest level of integrity for family safe, spam free indexed resources available for search, and that the information they have provided is of a highest standard.

Lunar Directory currently charge $19.99/year for super featured listing subscription, $14.99 for featured listing, $4.99 for regular listing.

Bid Web Directory:

Bid Web Directory

CDH Bidding Directory has been online for over 10 year and still going strong as a web directory that does not rank your site according to its popularity with search engines, instead choosing to place your site on a higher position based on the amount you pay for your website site.

CDHNow is a strong human edited web directory that is focused at providing a valuable resource for top quality listings to heavily benefit web site owners and provide a convenient resource for visitors. The traffic from the CDH Productions software is leveraged to directly benefit listed web sites, showing them front and center for web site visitors, to provide traffic in addition to link value.

The directory offer strong permanent backlinks with a one-time submission fee of only USD$49.95 that appear in two pages, one with the main category listing and one on the dedicated page. There are no featured links and if you are the highest bidder your site will be at the top of the particular category. You can view the highest bidders on their Directory Submit page located at and place your bid accordingly. If you are one of their top 10 highest bidders they place you on their homepage. You can also get up to 3 deep links or include your links in specific category pages like Travel Directory at or Business Directory.

You can also check the quality of the traffic you receive by placing a button on your site that asks your site visitor to contribute a vote in the form of a dollar or two for increasing your site ranking by strengthening your bid amount, which you are free to change at any time if you want your site to rank higher than newer inclusions.

The CDH Productions directory also helps by promoting the HTML link for all listings, making it available publicly for visitors to use the text links and help increase the rankings of your website.

June 2017