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Bidding Web Directory:

Big Web Links
Big Web Links is a very unique search engine friendly bid directory with a moderately highly Google PageRank which allows links to be placed by the amount of their bids and you too can pull your website right at the top of this directory by doing some aggressive bidding on your part so that you get most out of the PR juice of that directory.

Their current homepage shows the top 10 bidders and the top links page contains the top 20 bidders with a latest links page. So this will surely get your site noticed once you are acting on the bidding game. You can view the top 10 bidders on the submit page and adjust your bids accordingly and each time you wish to win over other webmasters.

BigWebLinks also has a detailed listings page so you can have up to 4 links in this human edited directory apart from deep links in their specific directory pages like Web Directory Links at, Computer Links at and Shopping Links at .

This may be a fairly new concept but it soon catching on virally and while you can make the most of this opportunity to place your bid and see your site right at the top of this high ranked web directory.

Direct My Link:

Direct My Link

Direct My Link has recently gone through a website makeover. Along with some template changes including a “Site of the Day”, news and latest articles were added.

DML Web Directory allows you to get your website, business, charity, organization, etc. noticed by hundreds of visitors per day and increase your SERP (Search Engine Results Page). The directory is kept fresh and up to date with only quality submissions accepted. We have extensive regional and sports sections with many other unique categories to choose from. DML is visited daily by the major search engine robots, join the other quality sites listed in our directory by submitting your resource today. Decide on a Premium Review and get listed at the top of your relevant category with five deeplinks to inner pages of your site!

Submitting a link to DML is very easy, currently they charge $10 for a featured listing and regular reviews are absolutely free.

Top 5 Web Directory:

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know that for last two days I am listing down the top web directories of 2008. Today I’ll be posting on the top 5 web directories of this year.

1.Yahoo! Directory: Yahoo Web Directory is probably the most popular, valuable and one of the oldest web directories on the market, Yahoo! still lists and reviews sites for $299 per year.

Yahoo Web Directory

2.Best of the Web: Founded in 1994, BOTW is a high value and pinpoint categorized directory which takes pride in the listing of quality web sites. They charge $69.95 per year or $199.95 lifetime for listing websites.

Best of the Web Directory

3. Business.com: Business.com is a very popular directory for online businesses. They charge $199 for the first year, $149/year for renewal.

Business.com Web Directory

4. Alive Directory: Alive Web Directory is powerful human edited directory of quality, family-friendly, and spam-free sites organized via a comprehensive category structure. Featured and standard listing options are available. Their review fees start at $49.95.

Alive Web Directory

5. Aviva Directory: Aviva’s reputation is built with smart 2.0 oriented marketing, link baiting, a sleek design and clever blogging. They charge $34.95 review fee for listing new websites.

Aviva Web Directory

Top Web Directory:

Today, I’ll be continuing from the previous list of Best Web Directories.

9. Big Web Links: Big Web Links directory is highly promoted which sorts listings by bid amount, offering complete control over one’s listing placement. The top 10 listings are also shown on the homepage and top 20 on the top links page.

Big Web Links Directory

8. AllBuziness.com: Allbuziness.com is a very professional looking business directory, which has been particularly designed for the active business person. Its very fast and easy to use business directory. They charge $35.95 as a listings review fee.


7. Octopedia: Reaching its tentacles across the web, Octopedia is an old and respected directory that provides multiple deep linking for its listings. Pricing is based upon membership in the directory.


6. eWebPages: eWebPages is a professionally human edited web directory which only includes quality websites & resources. They currently charge $34.95 annually for listing & review of a website.

eWebPages Directory

Stay tuned for my Top 5 Web Directory list!

Best Web Directories:

Web Directories are very important for your link building campaigns. That is why we have put down a list of some of the most authoritative web directories & resources here at the Web Directories blog. I hope you all will find this list useful.

15. Web Directory List: Web directory list provides quality directories and related sites, sorted by bid amount. The top 10 are shown on the homepage, and top 20 on the top links page.

Web Directory List

14. Katakombe Directory: Katakombe is a very popular website with a directory which only has about 180 sites listed, meaning that the value of all OBL (Outbound Link) is likely to be strong.

Katakombe Directory

13. Umdum Directory: Umdum is a very high traffic web directory with over 100,000 inbound links. They have been well valued by the SEO industry. Currently they charge a $40.00 review fee for getting your site listed.

Umdum Directory

12. GoGuides.org: Back in 2000, when ABC & Disney launched Go.com, their Internet portal and web directory it was very successful. But later when they decided to close it down the the original editors of Go.com used their community and technology to continue their goal of ’spam free web search’ at GoGuides.org. They are currently charging $69.95 review fee for listing each website.


11. Excellent Guide : This directory offers much more than just links with advertising and traffic building opportunities. They charge $49.95 listing fee per year.

Excellent Guide

10. Romow: Romow is a web directory and Internet Marketing center which integrates blogging and other tools into the web directory and content experience. $45 one time payment or $90 per year for featured link.

Romow Directory

Stay tuned for the rest of the list, which will be published tomorrow!

[Update: Check out my list of Top Web Directories & Top 5 Web Directory List]

Authority Directory:

The Authority Directory was introduced in July 2007 as a premium directory resource with something for everyone in the internet community.

Visitors to the site will find useful links to quality web resources within a unique category structure, a free gallery of art where you can submit your favorite pieces for display, the Authority Directory Blog and many unique and informative articles within the directory itself.

Authority Directory

Site owners will find a powerful, highly trafficked and human edited directory with features including deep linking, SEO enhancements, Site of the Day feature for additional exposure to traffic and low review fees for advertising that range from $4.95 to $19.95 annually. Since being introduced the Authority Directory has quickly gained the attention of the internet community by winning first runner up in the 2007 Directory of the Year contest at iGuides and quickly followed up with the January 2008 Site of the Month award at phplinkdirectory.

The Authority Directory represents a strong choice and excellent value for promoting your website on the internet. Currently they have google PageRank 3 with over 143,339 backlinks. Authority Directory has about 16,800 pages indexed with Google which clearly shows how strong they are on their field.

Biz United Web Directory:

The Biz United web directory is a premium directory that charges webmasters a fee to have their website reviewed and listed online.

Their goal is to create a clean and uncluttered business directory for business owners, webmasters, and visitors looking for products, services and information relating to Business, Shopping, Finance and the Internet. Biz United mostly focuses on business, finance, and investing related websites, but also has general categories like webmaster sites, shopping sites, and informational categories.

Four ways to be listed on the Biz United Business Directory:

1) You can pay a once off $20 USD fee for a regular listing, that will be listed below all premium directory listings.

2) You can also choose to pay $40 USD for a premium listing, which will be above all regular directory listings and will be highlighted in bold.

3) If your site is one of the top few leading sites in your industry Biz United will automatically list your site. But right now they do not accept free submissions.

4) If your site is related to the environment Biz United would be happy to list your website for free. See the Free Environmental Submission page for more details.

- According to the Wayback Machine, the Biz United web directory was started on the 17th of October, 2004.
- They currently have 7,050 pages indexed on Google.
- More website information for Biz United can be see at Alexa.com (the traffic details from Alexa are an estimate only)

SevenSeek Directory:

The famous Seven Seek web directory is a premium directory that charges webmasters a fee to have their website reviewed and listed online. SevenSeek.com is part of the V7 Network of webmaster resources owned by Internet entrepreneur John Scott. Seven Seek is a general web directory that covers most categories and has a regional option for area specific Websites.

  • - Directory Homepage: http://www.sevenseek.com
  • - According to the Wayback Machine, the Seven Seek web directory was started on the 28th of August, 2004.
  • - They have 9,460 pages indexed with Google
  • - More website information for Seven Seek can be see at Alexa.com (the traffic details from Alexa are an estimate only)
Site Sift Directory:

The Site Sift web directory is a premium directory that charges webmasters a fee to have their website reviewed and listed on their online web directory. They have a cheaper annually recurring fee or a more expensive one time fee available. Site Sift is a general directory covering most categories and regions. Site-Sift also has an active webmaster forum and a web directory script available.

– Directory Homepage: http://www.site-sift.com/
– According to the Wayback Machine, the Site Sift web directory was started on the 12th of October, 2004.
– A total of 1,580 pages are indexed with Google.
– More website information for Site Sift can be see at Alexa.com (the traffic details from Alexa are an estimate only)

Ajdee Web Directory:

Ajdee Web Directory is a general web directory offering you a wide selection of categorized websites. Their special features include Site of the Month and Top 10 websites which are carefully chosen from high quality Internet resources. They constantly encourage all webmasters to use their directory to present and promote their websites.

Unlike many other Web directories, Ajdee focuses on quality rather than quantity. All submitted web sites are reviewed by their editors and then, based on the site’s content and design, either included, or rejected. To be listed in the Ajdee directory, each site needs to satisfy their minimum standards. This way Ajdee Directory make sures that only quality sites are presented to their site visitors. Check their directory submission tips section, which contains information about their site submission rules and standards.

Ajdee is a banner-free Web directory. They strictly do not accept sites encouraging illegal activity or racism, sites containing adult material, or sites which contain links to illegal or adult sites.

Below you can see a list of features of Ajdee Web Directory:

1. Banner-free, easy to navigate environment.
2. No adult sites or objectionable content.
3. Most listings reviewed within 1-24 hours.
4. All sites manually reviewed by our editors.
5. Very simple and fast site submission process.

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