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Ventedoy is a unique directory that place website based on how much money the site owner paid. Directly quoting from Ventedoy:

How It Works

10 sites that pay the highest price will be listed on the front page with the highest price will be at the top. You can see the value of each link on the red badge. Each site will be in their own category and even though your site is not display at the top of main page, you still have a chance to be at the top if you pay the highest price for any category. Only 10 sites will be listed on each page for a better search engine spider.

All listing are permanent and if you don’t mind where is the position of your site listed, you just submit your site for $5.00 and have a good sleep knowing that you’d acquire another good back link for a cheap price. But if you want more exposure and traffic, make sure that your site is always be on the front page by purchase any top 10 highest price. If someone outbid you from the top position, you have a chance to regain it back by repurchase a listing for the same site but you only have to pay for a different of price between your site and the highest bidder. Let say, you have purchased a listing of $10.00 and another person outbid you by purchase a listing of $11.00, you can regain it back by purchase a $2.00 price where it will be top up to your original purchase and make you the highest bidder. If price is same, latest link will be display at the top.

- Building from the inspiration of million dollar page, it proves to be a great idea and provide good exposure to site owner that willing to pay more to get a better listing.

- It has been there for almost 2+ years and has a Google Page Rank of 5, which is considered pretty good.

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June 2017